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I went to a local range with my cousin and her husband. The range maxes out at 25 yards.

I shot 50 rounds from my Ruger Precision 22 at 25 yards and got about a 1" group. I love shooting this gun!

I also shot my Heritage Rough Rider and Ruger GP100 22lr. You can't beat 22 revolvers for plinking.

I did the Dicken challenge with my H&K VP9 with Holosun circle-dot optic. I shot 15 rounds within 15 seconds at 25 yards at a silouhette target that is 13 inches across, with a center mass box that is 6.75 inches across. Twelve of the 15 rounds were within center mass. The other three rounds just ouside of the box.
I also shot 30 rounds with the VP9 at 7 yards at a 3-inch target. All rounds were within the target, with most of them inside of a 2-inch group.

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Dicken challenge with Vp9

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VP9 at 7 yards
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That looks like you had a great time at the range. Well done and thanks for sharing the pictures. I bet the air conditioned range was nice and comfortable. I was just outside shooting at 93° with swarming gnats. Not the most enjoyable experience. 😃
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