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Thanks for sharing the Gander Mtn. add.

I'm no ammo expert but the .223 advertised is 50grn.
I have a couple of AR's.
One is a 1/9 twist & uses the 55grn. I don't know if the 50grn is that much of a difference. My other one is a Saber Defense & is 1/7. The 1/7 uses a 62grn or heavier bullet.
This is just a heads up.
I believe a 50grn used in a 1/7 twist barrel goes so fast it could cause the 50grn metal jacket to spin off the bullet? It will work but not be as accurate?
I'm not an expert & if this is incorrect please help me out. I don't want to give out false information.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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