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Glad to be here

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Hello Gents,
I am very happy to be here, I have taken part in other forums but found them to be boring and not very helpful. I live in Florida and work as an instructor for the county, I have been collecting guns for over 12 years and have owned a lot in my time. The one thing I have learned about my experience is myself and what I do and don’t like. Below is a list of guns I owned and I still own. Look forward to talking with all of you.

Pistol Rifle
38 Rossi 2” 303 Enfield
357 Dan Wesson changeable barrels 12 ga. Coach Gun
Sig 245 (45) Marlin Model 60
Glock 19 SKS (762x39)
22 mag Derringer Savage 30-06
Springfield Micro-Compact (45) Marlin 17 HMR
Kahr PM9 Feather Industry 22lr
Beretta 22lr. Compact 12 ga. Mossberg
S&W Model 29-3 (44mag) Self made AK-47
Taurus PT101 (40 cal.) Ruger Mini 14
Walther P-1 (9mm) Savage 22lr. Bolt

Still own:</u>
Pistols [ b]Rifle[/b]22 High Standard Deluxe WSAR AK-47
22 Ruger MK1 Bushmaster AR-15
22 Beretta Neos M1 Carbine
32 Kel-Tec Savage Custom 308
Walter PPKS 380 Marlin 30-30
Ruger SP 101 (357) Winchester 1300 Defender
Ruger GP 100 (357) Remington 870 mag
S&W 5903 (9mm)
1921 Luger (9mm)
CZ 85B (9mm)
1911 Springfield Amory (45)
Para Ordnance Carry (45)
Ruger P90 (45)
Ruger 345 (45)
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Welcome!!! Glad you decided to stop by. Hope you like it here. Join right in and make yourself at home. You have quite a collection and quite a few are Rugers. You should fit right in here. :D
Welcome, you're in for a good time here-lots of expertise, advise, and opinions of all kinds! :D
Welcome to the Forum... Pull up a chair and sit a spell... Glad to see ya here![8D]
Welcome aboard, we're happy to have you! That's a nice collection of guns you have there!
Howdy n' welcome!

Yessiree! After having a little looksee at your list, you should fit in jest fine now that you have disposed of the "block bistol! :D

Pull up a char and have a ceegar! [8D] Oh yeah! New guy provides the ceegars!
Yes, no more block. It was a small crazy thought to get it, but at that time I had no 9mm in my collection. I now have a S&W 5903 and a CZ85B, which are both fine pistols. I plan on shooting a P89 soon from the rental store and see if it is any better than my S&W 5903, if it is I will sell it and add another Ruger to my collection. But the 5903 is a great gun. I also like the CZ75B compact too.
Welcome to the forum, glad you're here! New guy buys cigars. :D
Welcome home! You'll like it here.
Nice collection, We're happy to have you here.
Glad to have you!
Welcome aboard from Kentucky, glad to have you with us. :D
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