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Glass bedding a semi-auto

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Would it benefit a semi-auto to "glass bed" the barrel? I have a Remington 7400 in .270 and I'm thinking about bedding it... any thoughts?
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quote:Originally posted by Iowegan

If I had to choose just one gun for all big game hunting needs, it would be a 270 Win.

I don't agree with your scope selection but then it's not my gun.
+1 to the above.
I've used my 270 to take Rabbits, Coyotes, Javalina, Antelope, White Tail and Mule Deer and Elk. My preference for scopes is either a fixed 4 power or a 2-7X variable set on 3/4. Remember you use a scope to aid shot placement not to look for animals. Binoculars are what to use for glassing for animals not scopes.
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