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Gold Label Shotgun

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Things are getting kinda slow so who all owns or have shot a Gold Label shotgun. I have shot a friends and it is very nice. I would like to get one myself. I hope Ruger finds a way to continue to make and sell them.
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I have not even SEEN one up close and personal. I would love to have one, but they are a bit too much for my pocketbook. I keep saying to myself I can buy 5 or 6 handguns for what this costs!
Yeah...they ARE costly....I bought one a little less than 2 years ago. First time I EVER bought a shotgun that expensive. It was three bucks shy of two grand. And no, I'm NOT a big bucks guy. I did, however, clear the "buy" with my wife.

It wasn't too painful, tho'..we've a gun dealer in the Houston area...Carter's Country...and once or twice a year they offer an interest-free finance sale...hence, I jumped, with the understanding that the Gold Label was to last "fer ever!"

I'm a SxS guy anyway, at least when there's a choice. BUT I prefer USA made, and other than a couple of older Stevens "A" models ( still affordable, but like all Savage-Stevens-Fox doubles, climbing fast!)I kinda felt that there wouldn't be another SxS in my life.

Mine is the English, or straight stock. The wood is straight-grain, rather plain, but with wood-to-metal fit quite nicely!

The thing is very light and, even with 28" bbls, handles VERY well.

However, b/c of the light weight...after a round of Sporting Clays, you tend to feel the recoil. I finally put a thin gel-tec pad on the aft-end of the thing ( w/o altering the stock ) and it made all the difference.

A fine bird gun...yes. And very probably, a worthwhile investment also, as they seem to increase in value five or ten precent a year ( tho' that may or may not continue )

I would certainly suggest gathering your trading fodder and gettin' on the waitin' list! It's worthwhile...
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Read today on a SG forum that Ruger has stopped production of the Gold Label. The reason given was that there were production and technical issues.

Don't know if this true or not...
Santa couldn't afford to fill his orders-we need a good American double-making company like a working man's budget with the Stevens 311 and a Fox with single trigger and auto-ejectors and a better finish was still not too fancy to hunt with---the imports just aren't the same to me...guess I'm getting old...
WE'RE gettin old, Sheepdog...and nothing against quality imports..but there's just nothing quite like one made in the good ol' US of A! Some of the Stevens 311's and Fox "B" or B-SE's are still out there, but climbing in price quickly. You can still grab a Lefever Nitro Special, or the Western Arms by Ithaca...fairly reasonable. BUT they are fading away rapidly.

Any of those are worth having...given nice condition.

My sixteen ga SxS is a Stevens 311-A, 26" bbls....plain walnut, no checkering, but good wood to metal fit, nice case color and blue. I'd take her out in public anywhere!
And...she was affordable...
I'm hunting a 311 in 20-stood next to one in a pawn shop last week but he wouldn't sell it-just getting it out-real clean. Last Fox B I saw was $500---if I'd had it---but I didn't...another day. I'd like to find a little Ithica from the 70's or 80's-they were about $280 if I remember...sold mine to my uncle for cousin's first gun-2 months later it was all rusty-almost wringed his neck!! Almost wrung it, too....
I can easily believe that price! Missed a single trigger 12 B-SE a while back...just before huntin' season...for $400...didn't have the "xtra" then...or right now, for that matter!

GunsAmerica, Gunbroker, etc., sometimes have some good buys on these. A friend of mine has bought several Savage/Stevens/Fox...all located via those sites...and all were nicer than represented, and at good prices. BUT...for how much longer?

I understand Savage has introduced a Stevens 411, to try to provide an affordable SxS, but it is an import...
Yep, I saw one but thought it was Remington-about $400
I have one and they are VERY nice. They are hard to come by and thats why I bought the first one I saw. My suggestion is if you can find one you should buy it as Ruger has raised the price $500 since I bought mine. There is the rumor that they wont make anymore will have to wait and see about that.
I've heard, or read, that production is stopped, at least temporarily.

Haven't heard exactly why, tho' a lotta opinions are "out there" right now...

I think we have twins. I like mine as well, but, I too, sense the recoil on the range. I have been using 1 ounce loads and they even start to add up. A great field gun though. Wonderful handling qualities.

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