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I am not a gunsmith or pretend to be one, but here is my take.
For every action and equal an opposite reaction (according to Mr Newton)
So if the mainspring to so light to give me a great trigger pull, that same spring will have light momentum sending the hammer forward in either single or double action
I learned this the hard way back in the 1970s. Had a S&W model 10 that had the strain screw that hit against the main spring (leaf type not coil). I loosened the strain screw to where the trigger pull was very smooth and light. I thought I was genius until I went to the range and the hammer did not have enough power for the FP to activate the primers consistently.
My 2 cents... for a self defense pistol I will take a heavy trigger pull for 100% reliability.
If I am wrong on this i hope a real gunsmith can chime in
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