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I just received my front sight with red insert this afternoon and installed it on my Davidson GP100 5". When adjusting the rear sight I set the elevation up for a #2 sight picture where the top of the front post was (as well as these old eyes can see) at the center of bullseye.

The new Ruger front sight with red insert is definitely much easier to see than the original black one. I will have to try it at different distances, and with different lighting/target conditions before I will be sure if it will do, or if I will end up with a FO sight.

The first 6 shots (in blue) were high and the ammo was some Federal 158 gr in .38 spcl - (ammo shown in picture)

The second group (in red) was a wee bit low. Ammo was WWB 130gr 38 spcl

The third group (in green) was pretty close. Ammo was WWB 130gr 38 spcl

The target has an outer ring of 7.25" and all shots were fired off hand, two hand hold, from a distance of 47'.


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Hey Dave - nice shootin'! I think the red sight looks great and I doubt a FO would really be any better for you. My FO sights fade with the light (for obvious reasons) so in low light they may not be any better. I have a S&W revolver with a similar sight to yours and I've never felt I needed anything else on it. I shoot it just as badly as the rest of my guns! :p

Looks like the 5" is a real keeper - congrats!

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