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Graphic Art

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Any body else do graphic arts?

Here's one I've been woring on...
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It looks like three shots superimposed-maybe two-the ruger words and bullet in foreground in sharp relief-then the bullets and surface they're on in another-right? I don't know the mechanics of computers-but the sharp/fuzzy contrast looks that way...!
My oldest son has gotten into it lately. Myself, I have neither the smarts or enough computer.[:I]
That looks great!
This is NOT a photograph... I created this in a 3-D program called Carrara Studio 3.0... Here is the same scene from different views...

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I am TOTALLY bamfoozled---but I like the look...more power to you. One last guess-is it not there at all but a projected image?
It's all 3-d models... I designed the bullets in 3-d... and the cases... then I put "material" shaders in them...

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OK - now just wait a minute. You just defied gravity with that last one.:D Seriously, that is great work.
All I know is keep it up young man, your doing great.
No wonder that P95 looks so good. :) Good work Rick.
Looks good. You da man Rick!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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