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Great customer service from Ruger!

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As I expected, Ruger provided me with great customer service on my newly purchased P97DC. It was only a week old and I had a problem with the hammer pivot pin starting to walk out a bit after every few rounds. Also, the right decock lever was really loose, much more that my other decockers. I called Ruger and talked with Joe in customer service and explained my pistol problem as well as my personal problem. You see, I'm permanently moving out of state in 3 weeks so I needed it back to my current address before I left. Joe asured me that if I sent it to his attention he would turn it around quickly for me and did he ever. My pistol was back in my grubby little hands in exactly 10 days! Not only that, but my P97 is now perfect. They replaced the Hammer Pivot Assembly, Ejector Spring, Ejector Pivot Assembly and the Ejector. They also addresssed the decocker, no longer any looseness or rattles.

Just because Mike retired and there is new upper management doesn't mean they have forgotten their customers.

A big "Thanks" to Joe and Ruger customer service!
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All that service with no written guarantee.
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