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I found out about this guy through another forum and decided to give it a shot. His name is Dustin Osborn. He makes crossbreed style IWB holsters with the leather back and kydex formed to your gun. I'm pretty sure he has tons of molds and can fit whatever you need. He even was able to cut mine down perfectly for my compact 3" barreled Springfield Emp so the leather surface area wasn't huge and unnecessary since he only had a full size 1911 to mold his holsters for. But he trimmed it just right. Saving me from having to make alterations on my own. Turn around time was phenomenal for a custom made holster. Ordered it on Tuesday October 9th and received it in the mail this morning Oct. 15. His cost is the best part. ONLY $40.00 shipped. Compared to about double for a crossbreed super tuck. I will say that I have a crossbreed super tuck deluxe for my SR40c and this holster is just as good quality. Same thing minus the fancy crossbreed logo on the clip. The clips are adjustable for cant the same way crossbreeds are. Available in black horsehide and brown cowhide as crossbreed has as well. Give this guy a shot you won't be disappointed. Here is a picture. Feel free to ask me any questions and ask for more pics if you'd like too:

His email is : [email protected] check him out guys. I'm going to order for my rugers. Just wanted to share this with you guys so you can grab a nice cheap well made holster for yourselves as Crossbreed seems to be a very popular choice by concealed carriers save your money and try this guy out.
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