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Grip frame... where oh where??

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I have a factory satin stainless steel grip frame I picked up awhile back with the idea of putting it on my blued .32 mag Single-Six.

But I'd like to get it bead blasted or something to give it a softer look.

Anyone know where I can send this off to for such a service?? Also, how much, approximately, would this cost?

Thanks! :)
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Ruger Packer, go get your self one of those 3M scotchbrite pads or such , in the red color, and just wipe off the frame all over, turn it over and over and just keep wiping, and in no time at all, the gloss will turn satin...........
If it goes "too slow" for you, buy an assortment, green, white (for stainless) and try them out. I always use the red as it's the one laying around the work bench!! I don't cut them up, I use the whole pad like a 'rag'...........
I also keep some 'bronze wool' pads around too. Hardware stores like 'Ace' have that in stock. You can always tear off a piece(???) and wrap it around your bore brushes too...............
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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