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Grips for Cheetah

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I know this is a Ruger site and I have asked this question on other sites. I am getting no help from anybody including the Beretta site.
Does anybody know where I can get some grips for the Cheetah FS85?
Many Thanks....Baldy:)
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Try Midway Arms-----they have parts for everything-should have for the Cheetah-if not, google grips and duck.
Thanks Sheepdog but the boss swapped it for a Colt Government .380 today. She has drove me nuts for the last two weeks at the gun shows, and now it's over at last. Momma's happy everybodys happy. 10-4.
Ammoman just got a LOAD of Gold Dot in-including .380-----nothing like a HAPPY woman with a gun!!!
Thanks Sheepdog. The place where I get all my reloading supplies sells loaded rounds, and I buy most everything through them. I buy very little factory ammo anymore.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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