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I had a GSR a few years ago, one of the first left hand ones to come out. I loved it, but decided to move clear across the state to work in the oil fields and had to raise some cash for the move. I have a DPMS AR-308 and a heavy barrel Remington 700 in .308, but neither of them are as light and handy as the GSR. I had a chance to buy a used one in very good shape last week. It seems Ruger has tightened up the bolt raceways in the receiver (and someone told me they went with a harder stainless for the bolt as well) as this one, and one I handled at a store over the winter seemed to be smoother when working the bolt.
My first one was a 1 MOA shooter once I started hand loading for it. I bought several of the polymer mags when Midway started selling them, and liked them much better. Lighter, cheaper, don't stick down as far, can be topped off while in the rifle, quieter, and you could probably drive a truck over them and they'd still work.
I was reminded how much of a pain the steel ones are yesterday. You almost have to put it down against the bench, and after loading the first round, push it way down in order to load the second one, or else the previous round will tip and pop out the back of the magazine. You almost need a third hand. It is super easy to load the polymer ones, I could almost do it with one hand, just snap one straight down into the mag.
I had used a Leatherwood 2-7x scout scope on my first GSR, along with Tactical Solutions rings, They look identical to the Warne Q.D. rings, but are lighter aluminum instead of steel.
My first GSR:

The one I picked up on Saturday has a nice 4 1/4 lb. trigger with no creep. I put on it a Nikon 2.5-8x long eye relief scope with Warne Q.D. mounts that I had used on my Mini-14. I sighted it with some Hornady 147 gr. FMJBT over W748 powder that I shoot in my DPMS AR. Then tried a 100 yard group with a load that shoots 1/2 MOA in my bull barrel M700. It is a Sierra 168 gr. Matchking loaded over Varget. I shot this 100 yard group ( I forgot to take a pic of the target out at the range, but when I got home I stapled the target to a piece of cardboard for the pic):

Next target was 5 shots at 300 yards with the 147 grain FMJ load, as we had shot up all the Sierra Match loads by then:

My friend shooting the 330 yard gong:

Me shooting the gong from sitting position:

A few new developments in the GSR world, are the Polymer stocks Ruger is using on some variations, they are a full pound lighter than the laminated stocks. Although I don't like the black stocks, a GSR that is a pound lighter would be nice, if they are being made available separately yet. I would probably blast the stock and make it grey, and Cerakote the barrel and receiver a different shade of grey.
Also some have been shipped with a muzzle brake on them. I know a couple guys that swapped out the factory flash hider for a Smith Enterprise brake, for a little extra recoil reduction, not that they kick bad anyway.
I have wanted to get the long eye relief version of the Leupold VXR 1.5-5x with red FireDot, so will work on that, along with a Ching sling or Andy's Rhodesian sling.

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I like the Sierra Matchkings. Poke a pretty tight group.
I also get really nice groups out of my 18" Gunsite when I use Remington 165gr BTSP over 46 gr. of Varget Go Fast. With the cannelure. Believe it has .420 B.C.
Can get nice one shot, sub-minute groups of .30" :rolleyes:
Actually, that cartridge stack gets sub minute groups out of my Gunsite with a Fortis RED hybrid brake/compensator and the Leatherwood scope out to 400 yards.
Doesn't really need the brake, but the compensator tames the muzzle jump to maintain visual on target after the shot.
No problem maintaining visual now.
Shot it out to 600 yds banging metal, just never checked grouping at 600.

I see you really like the metal mags, too.
I'm especially fond of how the first time I took it out into the woods, the bottom jumped off the metal mag. Boing! Must have hooked it on gear or something.
Try finding those parts down in a bunch of leaves at 0430 hrs while the deer are sliding in on you.
Though I've never required more than one shot to drop a Whitetail, and one in the chamber would have sufficed, I ended up finding the parts.
I wasn't real fond of those metal mags that fine chilly Nov. morning in Missouri.
Did not stop me from tagging and bagging.
I have some metal ones if you want more.
Went polymer and never looked back.
And there is a nice 3-rd poly mag that fits pretty tight to the bottom of the rifle to virtually eliminate that one pivot point. Great hunting mag.

Nice fire stick, though.
Did mine in the 18" .308 stainless version.
Also use the Leatherwood. And the Fortis RED and Ching sling.
Call me a Gunsite whore. Gotta have one.

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I also have one of the earlier model GSR rifles with the laminate stock. I recently contacted ruger to try and get a poly but they won't sell it separately only as a replacement but they want your serial number so they can be sure. Sneaky buggers! If anyone wants to sell their poly lemme know!!
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