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...Maybe if you use your support hand on the front of the guard? I dont, hats for sure, just seems like it would get hung up going in/out of a soft holster.
Really like your story, and your Glock alterations.
The work looks very nicely done.
Seeing your rounded trigger guard yesterday finally pushed me over the edge, and convinced me to shave mine off after 5 years of ownership.

Big difference in holstering!

At the same time I also shaved off that thumb rest on the left side, that I didn't think belonged there.

After firing a box of 50 rounds in my new G20, I cut the magazine well with a hacksaw to accept a more concealable G29 magazine, so I didn't think cutting that hook & thumb rest with my crude kitchen table methods hurt the firearms overall beautiful aesthetics, and it did improve the handling qualities for me.

Thanks for the post and the inspiration! :D

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