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Unfortunately, my experiences with Mark iii triggers have been less than satisfactory. When I took my Target model to my local gunsmith for a different problem, I mentioned the trigger. He suggested removing the parts requiring the mag be inserted to fire the gun. He said he was installing a spacer to fill the gap left by the parts removed. His work resulted in a trigger pull that was lighter, but not smooth and clean breaking.

Then, I bought a Mark iii Competition Target model. It had the worst trigger I've ever experienced. So, I bought and installed the Volquartsen kit. Resulted in a nice trigger, so I did the same for the Target model.

Now, I can feel looseness in Target model trigger pull. If the gunsmith put a spacer in there, I lost it when installing the Volquartsen kit.

Any thoughts on what I might do to lessen, or eliminate, the looseness?
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