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What a fun day at the range! I have long been curious about getting a modern semiautomatic .45, and I realized I get a free rental during my birthday month at my range.

With another revolver guy we did a shoot-off between the Smith and Wesson gun and my Ruger Blackhawk. 357. Neither of us had our glasses, so ranges were all short, 25 or 30 feet. We did SD drills.

My results were pretty darned good for both guns. I shot the Blackhawk single-handed and with both hands and hit center of mass or Headshots every time, on a silhouette target. I also got good groups on paper plates.

My friend’s results with the modern gun were awful. He shot a single magazine of 10 rounds and could not hit a paper plate once! I chalk it up to having way too much fun with a Ruger single action gun that is a dream to shoot, even with stout .357 rounds fired one-handed, then moving to a modern trigger.

I like the newer gun a lot, but not as much as my 1911.
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