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Hello From The Desert Southwest

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Hi, I'm Bill from Phoenix, Az. I've got a bunch of Rugers and looks like I found just the place to discuss them! Bill T.
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Welcome aboard!
Welcome to the Forum... Pull up a chair and sit a spell... We're glad to see you here!
Welcome! Come have coffee with us at Early Risers-first cup's on KP97DC.
Bill, Welcome aboard. Glad to have another Ruger fan on board. We appreciate the non Ruger members, but they had better watch here or they might be converted over to a Ruger fan. Just join right in and make yourself at home. :D
Glad you found your way here. We know that you will be comfortable here. Just go ahead and
jump right in at any time.
Welcome! Glad to have another Ruger fan. As Sheepdog said, first cup of coffee's on KP97DC, Sheepdog's buying everyone breakfast and as 2400 would say, "New guy buys the ceegars!"
Welcome and lucky you being from the southwest.I go there every chance I get from the people's republic of NJ. Love shooting in the desert. Have a Ruger in Nevada.
Welcome to the forum, glad you're here! New guy buys cigars. :D

Are you on AZS?
Arizona is a great place! Welcome!

(Sorry I'm a week late with this)
quote:Originally posted by 2400Are you on AZS?
I'm not familiar with AZS?? Do you mean Arizona Shooters? Bill T.
Just want to give ya a BIG OL HOWDY from Montana
Welcome aboard from Kentucky, glad to have you with us. :D
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