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Wick, There are 3 things that could be the problem. If you have the adjustable target trigger, the overtravel adjustment may be set too tight. This will cause the sear to drag on the hammer.

Next is the firing pin stop. It is a 1/8" pin that is installed in the bolt. The purpose of the pin is to limit firing pin travel so when you dry fire, the firing pin won't damage the chamber mouth. If the pin gets bent from repeated dry firing, it can limit the firing pin from striking the case rim.

Last is the hole in the lower frame for the hammer pivot pin. The polymer hole may get enlarged or distorted. This will make the hammer pivot slightly off "square" and will drag on the sides. This is the most likely cause of your problem. Ruger did a bad job on this pin. In the standard MK II, the pin is secured by the left grip panel however in the 22/45, the sear spring is supposed to hold the pin in position. The hammer pivot pin should be centered in its hole (visible from the left side, on the top edge of the grip panel). If it is off center, the hammer will bind up.

I'm emailing a copy of my MK Series IBOK and hope it will help you isolate the problem.
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