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Ok People I really need some help here before I go mad! I have a MKIII 22/45 with over 4k rounds. Took to the range today and had all sorts of problem jamming, bolt not closing properly and all sorts. Now to top things off I CAN NOT dissasemble it! I have had this thing apart tonns of times with no effort and now I cant get the main spring out to even dissasemble it. When I rack the bolt back and use the bolt release button , the bolt does not go back it gets stuck,then I go to pull the trigger to dry fire, nothing happens? Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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I would guess broken mainspring or loose metal shaving-I'd slather it in lube and try to get it apart-white lithium or 3-in-1-something with body to make it real slippery. You could also do what I do at work when I'm doing all I can and can't get it to work-Whisper a heartfelt "God help me please." That's when I usually figure it out!!
I'm betting it's the key lock. look at my answer to your post in the other forum.
Thanks for the replies Iowegan. I had played with the lock earlier as I was kinda leaning towards it myself, its definately not the lock I am sure of this. I have had this gun apart and together many of times in the past with out a hitch. I have a feeling something internal could be broken. But right now its completly locked up, I mean I can only get the mainspring out maybe 1/4 of an inch then somthing binds, the lock is half way out of the frame and not touching the frame at all as it is flush in the mainspring. What scares me is that when I rack the bolt it sticks a third of the way back then has to be nudged to be released. After this the trigger is not cocked! Is there any other way this can be dissassembled? I will try anything at this moment to avoid having to ship to Ruger as I am from Canada, And I dont think its gonna be easy, or cheap.
Nothing yet, still locked up. I have determined that it is not the lock, and not the hammer pivot pin. But at this time it is still locked up, I thank all of those who had suggestions to try. I will keep you all posted on this matter.
UPDATE, Thanks to all the great people on a few sites including this one I have worked out the kinks. I had a problem with the hammer staying partially cocked for some unknown reason. What I did was hold the muzzle end down against a block of wood, squeezing the trigger and tapping with a rubber mallot on the bolt, the trigger released. I was then able to dissasemble the firearm. I have checked it over several times since trying to fiure out what caused it and looking for any damage from it, So far nothing out of the normal. I took it a part and put it back together half a dozen times today to see if I could repeat the issuse, nothin. It functions flawlessly, cycles real smooth again and everything. I took it out to the range this afternoon and put 500 rounds threw it with out any problems, well I had one failure to feed but Im not too worried about that. But what I did notice during all this ordeal is that my feed ramp seems awfully sharp, If I use hollow points they jam into the feedramp almost everytime I cycle the bolt. I know the answer to this is not to use hollow points lol, but wondering maybe if anyone had any suggestions for this? I have lightly polished it just to dull the edge. Thanks again for all the info!
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