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Here are my woods, and yes we got a buck.

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[image][/image] Oh my sore back, we did it yesterday

This is my 30-30 woods hunting area...... tell me I need anything more in these woods.

Here is a homesteaders cabin of years gone by..... in the same area.

Well everyone, God must have been smiling down on my son and I. I used my son's Marlin 336 30-30 because I just wanted something differant to hunt with, a lever action rifle. So my son, worked on an antler that we had found the other day while hunting against a tree and several branches. I was laying low, so I could see under all the heavy timber and branches..... and off thru the trees I saw him, with his nose to the ground, heading toward a doe bleating away, saying "HERE I AM", yep we followed that bleating doe around for a bit though. Well when the bleating stopped we figured that they met up in an approx location. My son and I put the sneak on and found him and her, and the 170-gr bullet found its mark.

My son took the picture from my cell phone, wish it was more clear. Dang on the cell phone it looks better.

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Nice area... Looks complete to me... Wish I had somewhere like that to go hunting.
I have said for a long time that a 30/30 is all anyone needs for deer if you are hunting where the shots will 150 yards or less. And a .308 or 30/06 is plenty for anything a tad further off. But I am kinda set in my ways. Congratulations on your deer! Beautiful place you got.
Good for you JB. I see some good meals in your future. .30-30 was all we ever used untill we moved to Michigan and we had to use slugs there.
Great pictures, good job on the hunt, Thanks for sharing!
Looks like a fine place to hunt - perfect for a 30-30. Had to be a great day, hunting with your son and getting a nice buck!
The 30-30 has taken more deer than other cartridge out there. Those woods look a lot where I go at my boy’s place in northern Michigan:

Here’s my tree stand in some pines:

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You keep the LazyBoy in a nearby cave off-season?? Down here, they spend more on their stand than most houses-windows, paint, and such-then let the TV run off the deer----looks like you go to HUNT!
congrads on the stand is some 2X4's 12 ft up in a scub oak but it works.
thats some nice country to hunt.
Those Michigan woods got some beautiful color to em.... them 30-30 woods for sure.
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Looks like you could lay down and go to sleep without gettin' et by somethin'-beautiful....
I don't know about it taking more deer than any other, here in Oklahoma I would have say the 22 mag has taken more deer than any other.
Yup, and in La., .22 LR has probably taken more deer than 30-30, but it has been documented for 25 years that I know of -nationwide and recorded shots...30-30 is deer king...the sheer numbers of them poachers not counted...table shots taken at midnight don't figure in the stats!!:D
Great photos JB and bunzo...that is God's country. Beautiful! What a place to hunt!
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