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Here's my "latest finds"................

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this past weekend at the Berea,Oh gun show, was able to come up with these beauties....................

Early 'round gate' RSS..........

A RST-4 Red Eagle from 1951...........

A early 70s OM Blackhawk in .357 mag..........

and finally a .30 carbine Blackhawk also early 70's vintage OM.....

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Great Job!!!
Those pics look familiar! But they still look fantastic!
Were these guns an exceptional value, or do you buy for the purpose of collecting and are willing to pay the nominal price on up?
Those are awesome revolvers, It's amazing to find that many at 1 gun show. The shows around here aren't that good.
Some of these are brought to me at the shows by people we have talked to over the years. Many will ask for an "evaluation" and then later may want to sell them. If its something I'm "not into" I may refer them to those who are , or who collect that particular gun or model.
Some come walking in the door and they maybe brought over because they "know" I'm the 'rugerguy' or maybe somebody pointed ME out to them.
If the price is "right" I will buy them , and am always looking for the stuff to up date "our" collection, as I said my wife collects the old model .22's. Two of these guns pictured were for my wife and she determined they were NOT good enought ot "replace" the models she already has (the type or the variation) then condition, must be an "upgrade" and the packaging, may need the box, papers , or whatever. Tough to find "mint" old models Rugers, in the box and all the papers. Anyway , two of the above guns are now in "collections" and the Red Eagle and the 30 carbine we'll be taking down to OGCA this weekend for a couple of folks to "see".
yes, seldom does one find this many NICE old models come into any one "small" show, but over the years you tend to "know" which shows are 'good' for certain types, makes and quality of guns. Yes, I have been to small 40-50 table shows and have found a "nugget" or two over the years. It only takes ONE "find" to make my weekend a success. Plus, I am there as an 'advisor' to help others with any gun questions/problems they may have. I have been doing this for almost 40 years now, since the 60's and enjoy "helping" someone with their gun questions. My wife calls me the "answer lady"?????? If I don't know it, I usually can put one in touch with those who do "know" or know where they are at.
They know where I'm located at MOST, if not all of the gun shows around here locally. We (my wife) used to set up and display across the country years ago, and recently I have set up Ruger displays at the Nashville, Tn and the Tulsa,Ok gun shows. Yes, we both are still 'Members' of the Rugers Collectors Association..................
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Here are some more "finds" from this past weekends show , over near Toldedo, Oh. decent show, it's the Maumee Valley Gun Collectors, which we belong to now and then we hit this show, when it doesn't 'conflict' with any of the local shows over here, in NE Ohio................

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You can just pick one out and ship it to Rick Nettles...:D
Just kidding, of course... Someday I'll have one, you'll see...[:p]
Nice haul there, Dan! :)

You bring 'un any of 'em to Tulsa next month? ;)
Oh yea, if they make it that long.......
The Vaquero is a 'project' gun. No case color is left, so I want to make an "all blue" Vaquero, remove the 'bill board' and in general just "spruce" it up. I really like them with the short barrels, but would have preferred it in a 38/367 mag., my "favorite" caliber.
The Bearcat is a nice 1968 example. No boxes for any of these though. Getting harder and harder to find them anymore. Most of the ones I have left are 'new' models............
Well, the Vaquero is no longer a "project" gun, the 'project' is completed. Here's how she looks in ALL "blue"................
(sorry for the fuzz in the picture!)

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Piece of art-what a cowboy would have given for a Ruger 100 yrs. ago--let alone stainless! We really have it good-100 years in the future-guns will probably be electronic with solar panels in the grips. We gotta keep Ruger healthy-ain't no more real cowboy guns after that.
Dan, I like that all blue Vaquero. Looks good!

And, I believe everyone should have at least ONE .45 Colt!!! :D

I've got three .357's... AND, coming soon an OM Blackhawk .357 (unconverted).

But I like my .44 mag and .45 Colt too!
I like the look of the all blue Vaquero better than the case finish. The show in Dallas had some nice old models. I saw a nice flatgate, a tri-color, numerous blackhawks in 357, and a Hawkeye that was very nice. I wish I could have taken more money and maybe could have come home with some.
The boys in Dallas had some fine stuff and from a coule of large collections. Bill H was there as well as Donnie F, who had some of the Lane Pearce collection for sale. As said above they were some BIG buck guns.
I forgot to mention some others a 180 series Mini-14, a super in mohogany box, a couple 10-22 with the fingergrip stock one with the deluxe stock. I also saw a flatbolt M77 with tang safety. Rugerguy was you there at the show?
Thanks rugerguy for the info on your collecting, and your contributions to the Ruger and gun community as a whole.
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