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Get a real firm grip on your original XR3 framed Single Six, Blackhawk and, "medium" frame "new" Vaquero or .45 Flattop Blackhawk with these hard to find, beautiful, like new, genuine walnut Herrettt's Oversize Checkered Target Grips in their original box. Screw included.

These DO NOT fit the New Model XR3 Red frame.

They fit THE ORIGINAL XR3 GRIP FRAME Blackhawks and Single Sixes.

They also fit THE NEW VAQUERO AND .45 FLATTOP CONVERTIBLE with or without lock.

These grips are very hard to find. Priced to sell at $59.00

Price includes USPS Priority Shipping with tracking number.

They are listed on e-bay and subject to prior sale so don't wait. First PM stating "I'll take 'em" gets 'em.

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