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Hey, I'm back!

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Sorry for being away over the last few week, I was out-of-state on business. But, the business trip ended in Las Vegas where I got to play with a couple 5 week old Mountain Lions.

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Glad you're back. Hope you had a good trip. Don't know about playing with mountain lions though. :)
You were gone?? :D:D
Did you travel back in time? Your picture says 2000 lol!
It's about time you get back to civilization-heard you came through Tx on your safari---memory of a lifetime to pet a critter so beautiful-I know about the date on the pic- GIGO-don't be embarrassed-one of these days you'll learn enough about these new-fangled devices to put the date in the camera. I've got faith in you.
Yeah, date on the camera is off. Didn't bother setting it. :)

Picture was taken 01-OCT-06.
More? Only 1 pic? Oh, you went to Vegas----that means you'll be bringing the donuts in the morning???
Glad to see you back, by the way, I like maple bars
Welcome back. Last mountain lion I saw was just outside our tent in the White River Wilderness Area in Colorado. I don't think it welcomed the intrustion of hunting season. It walked around the tent a couple times screaming. My brother-in-law shined his light on it and I shined my 30.06 on it. Didn't take him long to leave. (He was slightly bigger than your kitty cat.)
quote:Originally posted by Keith Smith

Yeah, date on the camera is off. Didn't bother setting it. :)

Picture was taken 01-OCT-06.
Yeah I figured as much! Great pictures and welcome back!
LAS VEGAS: Favorite place for my wife and I. Was there again in May. Supposed to go again this month but something came up. Love shooting in the desert!
quote:Originally posted by sheepdog

heard you came through Tx on your safari
I am in DFW area now for the next 9 weeks. :)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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