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Did quite a bit of research on the Holosun Red dot, and what I gathered was all positive. They are compared to the Aimpoint T1, and all but the 403A/C uses the same mount. The 403A (and 403C) have the battery mounted on the bottom and held in place by the mount, thus the reason they do not accept the same mount. They are operated by a 2032 3 volt battery which last up to 5 years, rated at 50,000 hours.

I decided to pick on up, bought the 403A paralow. Comes with the standard low mount, and the high rise mount for lower 1/3 co witness. Glass is exceptionally clear and the 2 MOA dot is crisp even with my astigmatism. These have an 8 hour auto shut off, or manual off by pressing both the +/- button together. They turn on via the button or by simple movement. They even have a lifetime warranty. Rated as water proof as well. They weigh in at ~120 grams, are extremely compact, and a fraction of the cost of the T1. I paid 150.00 for mine on Amazon, it was the cheapest model offered.

The 403G has the battery mounted on the side, like the T1. the 403C is solar powered with battery backup. All models are offered in the 503 line that has a circle/dot and dot only option. The 403 line is dot only. They also offer a true co witness mount.

I eyeballed mine with my Magpul MBUS to get on paper, first shot was 2" low and to the right. 3 shots later and I was right on the 1" red bullseye of which I followed up 4 more shots in the bullseye before calling it quits for the evening.

Will probably pick up another for mounting atop a carry handle, they are really compact. They also claim parallax free. My shortest shooting distance was 25 yards, and at that distance it was parallax free.

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