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[blue]Everybody here has a drawer full of holsters. Who turned out to be your favorite maker of them? Have you bought more than one off him?[blue] I just ran into this guy at a gun show, and I really like his stuff.:)

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Don Hume of Miami, Okla-best service I've found--since '71-not too expensive
Heavy J, are you southpaw???
I have a DonHume inside pants lefty made for a P97 that I no longer have-it carrys with no cant at all-it's like new-too small for my P90-PM me your address if you want it. It has a reinforcing band at the top for re-holstering.
Looks like a holster fit for a king-why not, JB? It'll only take you 3 $50 bills...I've bought things all my life a bite at a time---works great except for ice cream or hamburgers...go for it!!
We might dicker for your backup in the safe if it's a KP97DC...I don't tinkey-dinky 'round with my guns-don't care if they're pretty-just want them to go bang every time...if I won an engraved one, I'd probably trade it to someone who could appreciate...I'll keep you in mind!!!
Nuts, it's purty too....too purty for this ole that engraving done on blue or a bare slide????
1 - 7 of 31 Posts
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