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How To Go Home Empty Handed

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I went to the local sporting goods/firearms dealer this afternoon, pretty much just looking for a shotgun for shooting slugs at whitetail for my grandson. I openly confess I’m not much of a shotgun guy so I naturally got to looking at rifles, when what to my wondering eyes did appear but a Browning model 78 with octagon barrel in 22-250 equipped with a 6-18x40 Redfield scope affixed just above the gorgeous immaculately blued octagon barrel and gleaming, marvelously grained Walnut wood. This rascal is at least 98%!

My wife was with me (she has nothing else to do) and I looked at her and said, “this is the most beautiful rifle I have ever seen”. And she said…..”get it”!

“But it’s almost a thousand dollars, I protested”!

She said….”that’s okay, if you want it, get it”.

But guess what?

I know ya’ll ain’t gunna believe this………I left without it.

Yup, I did.

I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted a rifle in 22-250, what I really want is a rifle in .257 Weatherby magnum. Not that there’s anything wrong with 22-250, I just kinda have my heart set on the .257 Wby. I really have an appreciation for single shot-falling block rifles. By my calculations, all you need for a kill is one shot, and anything else is just fluff.

It’s a bit of a toss up between this and a Ruger #1 in the same caliber, due primarily to the fact that anything in .257 WBY is a little difficult to locate.

I’ve always thought that indecision was the key to flexibility, but in this case, it’s the key to going home empty handed………

Here's a picture I stole off Gun Broker:

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You didn't go home empty handed - you went home with a great wife...
quote:Originally posted by RugerDog

You didn't go home empty handed - you went home with a great wife...

You have a wonderful woman there.
Spoil that little Lady rotten-mine would have said "You don't need to go in there"---waited in the car, and changed the channels on the radio while she fumed.
Good point!

I may still go back and get it.
Browning knows how to finish a firearm-they do the little things that make the siren song in our ears "Take me home"-I had a Lever .308 in the 70's-fit and finish were flawless and I knew I wasn't going hunting anytime soon-bought it anyway.
Rifle like that is just too purty to shoot. Sure would look good hanging on my wall though.
Rifle like that is just too purty to shoot. Sure would look good hanging on my wall though.
Well Bunzo I see you got yourself a Angel there too. That model 78 sure would be good for varmits of all sizes. That's a real hard one to walk away from. If you do go back, and get it don't forget to pick up something nice for the Lady of the house. Good luck.
First things first! You've got a great wife! Cherish her! :)

2nd thing: I dunno about you! Go back and get that rifle! If you decide you really don't want the 22-250, have it rebarreled/rechambered in another caliber.

Then you'll have the best of both worlds! :D

My favorite lever gun is the Browning BLR.
I’ve given some thought to the rebarrel idea too.

This ain’t over yet. Stay tuned.
The older I get, the easier it is for me to go home empty handed. I am not near as impulsive about guns as I once was. It really has to flip my fancy as well as be a decent price before I will buy one these days.
My dollars have to stretch too far for me to be impulsive-I'm more likely to buy used than new-but were I a millionaire, I'd probably have only a dozen handguns and 4 rifles and 2 shotguns-the difference would be that I'd have time and a place to shoot much more-maybe even hunt again....fondling is nice, but there's nothing like the "Boom"!!!
You're a blessed man Bunzo.
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