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Howdy from Ohio

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Been on the other Ruger forum for years, and just found out about this one. I am a Ruger P series fan and currently own 6 Ruger pistols. Looking forward to some great experience and information sharing on the forum.
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Glad you're here, welcome to the forum! New guy buys cigars. :D
Welcome to the Forum... It's a great place we have here! Pull up a chair and sit a spell... Glad to have you here...
Welcome, plates in the coffee shop aren't targets
THanks for the welcome, here's the cigars.

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Welcome!!! Hope you like it here. Join right in and make yourself at home. :D
Welcome-and tell us about your Rugers sometime. Good to see you here.
I'll take one of them cegars!

And welsome!
Welcome! I also belong to the other forum.
Welcome home - good friends, good jokes and good info. I'm a P-Series fanatic also. Post some pics when you can. (Thanks for the ceegar! First time anyone ever ponied up around here.)
Welcome aboard from the great state of Kentucky, glad to have you with us. :)
Welcome from Minnesota!
have a nice stay. from ohio
Welcome to the house. Glad you came over...
Greetings,thanks for the cigar.
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