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Came over from the other place. Hav'nt posted there for so long they deleted me. Anybody talks to Iowegan tell him to check his email. Glad to be here. Don Shannon
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Welcome to the forum, you'll like it here. My favorite is early risers at the tavern, I think you'll like that one also.
Glad to have you here. I think you will like it here. We have a group of very good people here willing to help and don't try to degrade other members like is happening on some of the other Boards. Join right in and make yourself at home.
If you came from the other place, it don’t take much to get deleted over there. It ain’t like that here; good, friendly folks so laid back they fall over backwards.
Welcome to the Forum... Pull up a chair and sit a spell... Glad to have ya here!
Welcome to a very fine forum. I just made the same trip. These are fine folk here, I think that you will like it here. Again-welcome.
What do you shoot?
Welcome to our friendly Ruger forum. Lots of great members always willing to help and there's always enough humor to keep a smile on your face!
Everybody comes from someplace-we're just glad you ended up here-we just like folks around here-figure the rest of life is enough fightin' and we'd rather relax and drink coffee and eat donuts-well, you'll find out 'bout all that-come drink a cup in the coffee shop-I just gotta warn you 'bout the red donut-RugerPacker may have rigged it to a camera-better choose another. Tell us about you, Doc-and it's OK to talk with your mouth full round here.
Welcome to the forum, glad you're here! New guy buys cigars. :D
Welcome! I belong to the other place but was knocked out after a year even though I posted. Had a heck of a time getting back in but this forum is good.
Welcome. Everybody here is courteous...but...there IS some humor...and a lotta' really good info from folks who know what they're writin' about.

I'm a newcomer as well...and I've really enjoyed this site!

Bet you do also!!
Welcome to the forum...there's a lot of smart guys here and then there's me. Glad to have you. If you visit the coffee shop in the morning, keep your eye on your food. There's a certain dog around here who likes to snitch your vittles! (We won't mention any names.)
Hey docshannon-where's chicora? I'm from Bradford (Kendall, Case, Zippo town)....
Sheepdog, Chicora is between Butler and Kittanning bout 50 miles North of Pittsburgh. Best whitetail deer hunting area in PA. My wife is a Nurse Practitioner and goes to Bradford every two weeks to a couple Nursing homes up that way. I had a camp in Potter Co. up until last week. Looking for something closer. Mainly for trout fishing, got all the hunting I could want right here at home. Gonna concentrate on fox and coyote this winter. doc
Never knew coyote was that far up---course I was 13 1/2 when I moved. I remember hearing about good hunting near Butler-back when shotgun was all they allowed...early 60's.
Welcome aboard from the great state of Kentucky, glad to have you with us. :)
Hi Don,
Welcome from Minnesota!
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