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Williams Ace The Hole Sight Set Picatinny Base Ruger 10/22 Steel Blue

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Weaver 1-Piece Tip-Off Weaver-Style Scope Base Ruger 10/22 #TO-9M

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Are you looking to combine iron sights with a scope mount or wanting to mount a rear sight directly to the receiver...

If you are looking for an iron sight mounted to the Ruger factory tip off rail that comes on most if not all 10/22 forget that...

Also not sure if you have bull barrel or a tapered barrel...but the front sight is always the problem either way...lots of options on the rear...

Beware the difference between Weaver and Picatinny...

A Weaver T0-9 rail will accept a Williams WGRS-54 rear peep will require a front post approx 1" above center of bore...

Beware front post height specs...some are relative to the top of the barrel...some are relative to the center of the bore...

You need to clearly define (to yourself not me) exactly what you have and exactly what you are wanting to have and go shopping starting with the links I gave you but there are probably more still...

Good luck... :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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