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Just got on this site its so great just wanted to say hey and wish everyone a Merry christmas
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Welcome aboard!!! Glad you are here. I'm sure you will like it here, so just join right in and make yourself at home, and a Merry Christmas to you. :D Don't forget to enter your name in the 100.00 Christmas Karma.
Welcome from S/E Texas...friendliest forum around!
Welcome to the Ruger Forum, alot of great people here! Hope ya enjoy your stay, and a Merry Christmas to you too!
Welacome to the Forum... Pull up a chair and sit a spell... Glad to see you here...
welcome aboard Jeff.
Welcome Jeff from down in the swamps. Jump in and enjoy.
Weklcome from the cold, cold North Wests parts of Montana.
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Welcome from Texas!!
Howdy and welcome!
Welcome aboard and back at you with the holiday greetings. Merry Christmas!
Welcome from Northeast Kansas. Glad to have here and Merry Christmas.
Welcome aboard from the Bluegrass State, glad to have you with us.
welcome glad to have ya with us.
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