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sold pending funds!

Forsale in Texas (College Station):

Fenix TK70 set - the LED light, batteries (4 rechargable D NiMH batteries) & a special smart charger.

The Fenix TK70 is the grand daddy of flashlights! 2200 lumens max! I've gotten approx 80 minutes on turbo (2200 lumens) on a freshly charged set.

And, the light is rated to last 7 days on the lowest setting!

The light actually has 4 settings: 2200 lumens, 930 lumens, 300 Lumens and 20 lumens. These are rated actual out the front lumens as well - not some pie in the sky number that you see with some flashlights.

It really is unbelievable how bright the turbo setting is! One of THE brightest flashlights around - don't look at the pie in the sky "ratings" of the cheap lights you'll see advertised.

Also, the light is made very sturdy!

(Flashlight specs are here: Fenix's homepages )

Light is in perfect shape. I really haven't used it much. The batteries have been charged maybe 4-5 times total. MANY life cycles left!

I used to collect lights, and was up to 30 at one time. But, they just tend to sit on the shelf while I only use 3 or 4 - so, I figured I should sell it and let someone else have a good time with it.

Light new by itself tends to be around $229. With the battery charger and batteries, a set tends to be about $284!

My price is $200 + $10 shipping if necessary

Please email me at: [email protected] if interested. The first "I'll take it" with an exchange of information gets it.

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