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I was looking at some YouTube videos and thinking about the fact that even though I own many Ruger revolvers, as well as S&W and a few Colts, I'm still a wheelgun nut who likes to try different or "odd" brands out.......

So far, I own or have owned-

Armscor M200 4" .38 Special revolver - I bought this new for $230 a few years back, you can find them on GunBroker if you want to see what these are. They are alloy frame Colt D-frame "copies" made by Rock Island/Armscor. There is a 2" and a 4" version of the same gun. At first, I loved the gun, it was something different and it actually shot very well. I removed the sideplate and the internals looked very cheap and there is heavy use of cheap, thin springs for parts like the bolt stop and trigger return. In other words, it's a gun to buy, run 12 rounds through it to make sure it works and then put it in your sock drawer:) These are geared toward people who don't own other guns and want something cheap for defense. I would say, get a used Service Six or S&W Model 10, but the days of finding even a heavily holster worn example of either for below $350 are pretty much gone.

Taurus 82- Without getting into Taurus "bashing", I own 2 Taurus 82's and an 80, both from the 1990's. I got lucky with these, I bought them used for cheap and they work well enough, but the quality and durability is obviously not there...There no way a Taurus will stand up to the round count a Ruger or S&W will. I put Wolff spring kits in all of them and they slicked up nicely, but the one 82 has a "gag" in the DA pull on two of the chambers. Those used trade in 82's are all over the place for $150-200 right now, and if you can get one that goes bang 6 times in a row, it's a good deal for a tackle box or truck gun. I'm not about to become a Taurus convert anytime soon:) These are stricly "fun guns" for me, to mess around with and not worry about breaking them. I put wood target grips on the 82's, like the one above.......I converted one to DAO and left the other one DA/SA but clipped the trigger return and mainspring to the point where the trigger just barely returns and the gun will only set off Federal .38's. It's surprisingly accurate, and if I weren't embarassed to bring a Taurus to a match, might make a good PPC "lite" gun for the 4" fixed sight service revolver class............I think once I polish up the internals it will be a decent informal range blaster, but I see no point in trying to make a silk purse out of sows ear, so I won't put any major effort into it.

I have handled -

Weihrauch-EAA "Windicator" - These come in an alloy frame .38 or a steel frame .357, in 2" or 4". They feel cheap and kind of remind me of a blank gun. I found one review online and the guy said they can't handle much .357, his gun jammed up after some hot .357's. Apparently these have been made for decades but I think they are probably in the "buy it cheap and hardly shoot it" category. If anyone has one I would love to hear about it.

Llama Comanche- I don't think these are made anymore, but they feel like they are in the same class as a well-made Taurus.

Charter Arms- I have a Police Bulldog on layaway, and I checked out the 5" blue Police Bulldog at a gun show. It felt solid, not like something that would last 10's of thousands of rounds, but a new gun for about the same price as a Taurus, with a little more of a solid feel, and made in the USA........would be a good option for someone looking for a beginner range gun or a defense piece. The .44 Special Pugs have been hugely popular since the 1970's and they still sell a lot of them.

Miroku- These haven't been imported in a long time, and I don't know if they are still made. They are kind of a S&W-Colt mix and seem like they are of average quality. I've seen older examples at gun shows for $200 but it's not something that made me want to buy it and shoot it a lot. I have heard that Japanese police use or used them.

I am looking for info on-

The Czech made Alfa Proj revolvers -

The EAA Zastava revolvers, that no one can seem to get here in the US-

French Manurhin revolvers- I have heard these were some of the best revolvers ever made, and were heavily based on the Security Six. Once in a while one pops up on GunBroker but they are very expensive.

The Chiappa Rhino (not cheap but definitely different)
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