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it followed me home

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I went to pick up my rem 700 yesterday in hiedenhiemer tx at a friends shop.sitting in the case was a just had to follow me home:).
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Must be nice...the only thing that follows me home are stray dogs and bills!:D
9X18 or 9mm makarov.I have dies brass and a bullet mould so I am set.
Nice looking rifle!
Good looking guns you got there Pete. Sure would like to put some rounds down range with both of them.
Nice looking CZ, I like the wodd on the 700 too. Have you got any more pics?
Been hearing some good things about czs so went to their website. Nice looking guns..... Sheepdog, that little guy on the top of the first pig picture is what our class room dork looked liked when I was in school.
I borrowed it from a harley bud:Dthey think its cute.
Hey Pete what that hog weight in at? My mouth is watering for some ham and eggs.
Cuter than some of their wimmen!! We got some biker mamas round here who could whup any three of us and look like it! We only get to see the pretty ones when they gather up and do the Christmas Toy Drive...about 4000 in NTex this year! Lotta thunder!!
125 on the scale before we dressed it out.

this one went 225 shot the same day.
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I can taste the ribs now. I got to get out and try to get one more.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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