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So I'm a fairly new gun owner and looking for some help. I took my P95 to the range last night so I could get to know here a little better. Going through 50 rounds and it jammed up 4 times. Looked like some issue the rounds being picked up from the clip. 2 times it was like it was trying to load two rounds a time and the other didnt look like the one round set right. Advice?
Hey Brian,

I bought a P95 as a first pistol last February and promptly started a very similar thread after my first range trip.

Work on your grip. :)

I've also found clean frame rails and a clean slide help. I also dab and polish in a little bit of Tetra gun grease.

I also bought the cheapest 9mm factory reloads I could find at the time, and I think they were a bit weak for a brand new pistol. I got a few boxes of hotter ammo (Aguila 124gr; or any +p ammo) and haven't had any problems since.

Incidentally, took a friend shooting for the first time last week and after the gun got a little dirty, he started having FTF issues. Told him to tighten his wrist and grip and the problems went away.

Good luck and welcome to the forum! You'll learn to really like that pistol, I promise.
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