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Just registered!

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Just registered after a week or so of visiting from the sidelines! Am sure I will enjoy the forum, and it is good to see some familiar names! If somebody has the time, please tell me what one is suppose to do with the signature field. Thanks
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Welcome to the forum, glad you're here! New guy buys cigars. :D

Put whatever you want in the signature field or just leave it blank.
Welcome to the Forum!!Lots of good guys here-fun and lots of experience and knowledge-chip in and tell us about you-and thanks for your years of service, Vet!!
Welcome from Wa. State.If you been watching for a week or more, you're probably hooked. Welcome again.
Welcome to the Forum... Pull up a chair and sit a spell... We're glad to see you here!
Welcome to the forum, sit down and pour a cup of this great coffee

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Welcome to the Ruger Forum from Canada! Alot of great people here with alot of knowledge, hope ya enjoy your stay!
Greetings from s/e Texas. You gotta like it here! However, be ready...these guys are serious about the cigars!!!!

If you dig Rugers,tho''ll learn a lot!
john parker
Welcome aboard sir. First of all thank you for serving us. Just jump right in any time and contribute, there is alot of knowledge here. I think that this is the best gun forum on the net.
Welcome! I think the signature is for identifying you at the bottom. Check mine. I forgot how I got it there.
Welcome aboard!!! Jump right in and make yourself at home. Hope you enjoy it here. :D

You picked a good spot!
Welcome home from Northeast Kansas! You'll like it here - friendly, helpful, funny people. To add a signature, click the Profile link at the top of the page, scroll down toward the bottom right and you'll see a place to add a signature.
Forgot to say welcome from Montana...... here's a fresh cup of coffee.
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Welcome aboard from Kentucky, glad to have you with us. :D
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