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Just for fun from an old guy that has seen a lifetime of things that many have only heard about or seen in old movies...I grew up with these things plus so many more...add some if you like:

Crew cut
Lucky Strike or Phillip Morris package rolled up in your t shirt sleeve
Duck tails (DA's)
Pink "crew cut wax" to get your hair to stand up just right
Babe Ruth
Pearl Harbor
Roosevelt Fireside Chats on the radio
The old Philco radio was the only entertainment
Gas powered Maytag washing machines
Steam engines hauling the freight across the plains
Alan Shephard
First American to orbit the earth
Moon landing
Bomb shelters in the yard
A bomb "drills" in school
Steam radiators
Peeing on the steam radiator in the school...what an aroma lingered
Westclock Scotty pocket watches
Dial phones
Party lines
No cell phones
No Computers
First computers (not P/C's )
Gold at $35 an ounce ...also illegal to own gold at one time.
Learning to type on an Underwood manual typewriter
Clamp on roller skates
Paper routes
Milk delivered to the porch and it froze in the winter making a "neck" of frozen cream sticking out of the bottle with the little paper cap sitting on top.

Hayrack rides with real horses and real hay
Ice skating on the park lakes
Fishing in "natural stocked" lakes and rivers
Ping pong tables in the basement
The "first" TV antenna in the neighborhood (everyone wanted to see).
TV sets in the window of the store with sound piped outside for the crowd
The first atomic bomb
D Day
VJ Day
Seeing your first P-80 jet fighter fly over
Seeing your first bomber fly over (especially the first B36)
Hunting on "open land" with no clubs or "keep out" posted land
Red Skeleton
Milton Berle
The Texaco Startime Theater
Amos and Andy
Cigarette ads telling of the benefits for your "T" zone (throat).
Hot rods that could do an amazing 0-60 in 10 seconds
Fender skirts
Dual 97 Stromberg Carbs
Ardun Heads for the flathead Ford
Don McNeil's breakfast club on the radio
Recap tires
Fake whitewalls that would ride up over the curb when you got too close
Wooden roller coasters
Wooden boats
Zebco reels
Model 97 12 gauge
Model 62 Winchester pump 22
Shoe stores with x ray machines to see your feet in the shoes for fit
Store, fountain, bus, etc segregation
Dance class with "ugh" girls
Drive in movies
Sneaking into drive in movies
Doing other things in drive in movies
Playing spotlight tag on the screen at drive in movies before the movie
Our first TV had a round 12" screen that was a greenish color
Duncan Yoyo's
The "Duncan Yoyo" man visits to the schools
American Flyer train sets
Buddy L ride on toy trucks
Globes that "snowed inside" when you turned them over
Magnetic "scotty dogs" that would follow each other around when one moved
Playing out all day...home for lunch and back out till dark
Synthetic rubber inner tubes
Inner tubes period!
Gas rationing stickers on the cars
Meatless Tuesdays for the war effort
Sky King
Code o graphs to solve the mystery message on Sky King's radio show
Learning to ski on wood skis without bindings..just strapped on
Spiral leg fractures from skiing with no release bindings.
Hide and seek
Aggie marbles...moons...pee wees and steelies.

And a million more things that I was priveledged to experience and see as a youngster and growing up...My days are short now and I hear of all the things I'm missing by not being involved in all the modern things like social media, wifi, video games, etc....different time and place but wouldn't trade my experiences for any of the new no "aps"...only got a dumb phone, and if it had a dial instead of buttons that would be great.

Just passing through.

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Opos, many of these things bring back great memories, but I wasn't around for WW-II and wasn't aware of much after the end of hostilities in the Korean War, but so many of those hit home.

I still have two Osborne-I "portable" computers that ran CPM from single-sided 180K floppy disks, with a built-in 5.25" green screen that did text only. Touted as the "world's first portable computer. About the size and weight of a sewing machine...

I learned to type on both an Underwood and a Remington, and took a steam train cross-country (my Dad absolutely loved trains).

And ration books with coupons and MPCs (military payment certificates) from Korea in the early-mid '60s.

Thank you for the memories.

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Born in 1953, so I don't remember the things associated with the WWII/Korea period, but I do remember, and participated in, most of the rest. My dad had a wooden v-bottom boat that we fished in and Red Skelton was born and raised only 20 miles from where we lived, so we always watched him on TV. Also had my share of not just Zebco reels, but the Zebco rod/reel combo. I think watching Sky King was where I got my desire to be a pilot, although I think I actually watched it because I had a thing for Penny!

I remember putting baseball cards in the spokes of your bicycle to make a "motorcycle" sound. And, buying tons of nasty stale bubble gum to get the baseball cards. Stopping every day on the way home from school to get an RC cola and a Moon Pie. Filling up a one-gallon glass jug with gasoline to mow the lawn (how did I survive)! Mowing other people's lawns and getting up at 4:30 am to run my paper route so I could make enough money to buy my first guitar and my first .22 rifle.

I remember a bunch of boys building our own "ballpark" on a vacant lot, complete with bases and a home plate the high school coach gave us. Building a backstop out of old fencing and chicken wire so we didn't have to waste one player on a catcher. And gathering almost every evening after dinner and playing baseball until it was so dark you couldn't see the ball anymore.

I remember meeting a buddy of mine at the local Ford dealership after dark. The cars were always unlocked with the keys in the ignition. We would hide our bikes and slump down in the seat and turn on the radio and listen to the Cardinals games while we pretended to drive. Never did any damage, but his dad worked for that dealer and they couldn't figure out why some many cars had dead batteries!

Somehow, we didn't have time to be thugs.

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Hunting on "open land" with no clubs or "keep out" posted land.

Not old enough to drive so had to carry my 16 gauge over my shoulder walk out to the edge of town to hunt rabbits along the railroad tracks. Remember most of them? Gone is a much simpler time.

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We had vacant lots in our neighborhood where all the Dad's grew "victory gardens" during war time....and all the kids dug tunnels (amazed nobody got killed in those tunnels). The flag with the gold star in the window of houses where a son was killed in the war..Also recall Spike Jones....Stan Getz....Rosemary Clooney....saving cooking fat to turn in for the war effort...and on and on.

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I was born in 47 so not much before early 50's.

Fifteen minute shows on the radio:

The Shadow
Lone Ranger
Sgt Preston and King
Sky King
Amos and Andy
Jack Benny Show
Lash Larue

Laying on the floor and visualizing what they were doing.

B&W TV. Test patterns.

Swimming in the brook that ran by the house in VT. Trout fishing in the same brook and catching fish. Playing hardball in a farmers field.

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You knew what time to come home for supper, when the street lights started coming on it was time to get on you two wheeler and ride home quick !
And don't you dare wear your hat inside the house or put your elbows on the table.

Listening over and over to a 45 rpm record to this wonderful singer called Elvis Presley sing "You ain't nothing but a hound dog " until your momma comes in and says "Stop playing that infernal racket."...The birth of Rock and was wonderful !
Pattie Page and her hit "How much is that doggie in the window " would never hold up to Elvis, Jerry Lee and Little Richard !


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Younger than you opos (everyone here is..... ;) :D ), but I recognise many of those.

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Younger than you opos (everyone here is..... ;) :D ), but I recognise many of those.

I checked yesterday...I'm 4 years older than "the old man" on Pawn that's a real accomplishment!

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I remember about half of them, first hand.

Weren't the magnetic scotty dogs part of an ad campaign for Black & White Scotch? We had the magnets and a lamp with the dogs on the shade.

My cousin stepped on a broken glass milk bottle while playing in a ditch full of water and almost lost her foot.

All us kids were invited over to the Larson's to watch the annual showing of The Wizard of Oz, on the first color TV in the neighborhood. I remember thinking... "What's the big deal? It looks just like our TV at home." ...Then Dorthy opened the front door to the land of Oz... HOLY COW!!!

I waited and waited for the ice to get thick enough on the pond down the hill, so I could skate. Then I was there under the street light, every evening until long after dark. (Yes, a little kid, all by himself... Imagine that!)

It was probably a conversation I shouldn't have been listening to, but I remember my folks considering a back yard bomb shelter.

Grew up listening to the daily death tolls on the evening news, and thought my destiny was to reach 18 and go die in Viet Nam... but the draft ended when I was 16.

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Kick the can in the alley behind the house until we woke up the old lady from her nap and she chased us away.

Imogene Coca is best remembered for playing opposite Sid Caesar in the live 90-minute Your Show of Shows (1950), which ran every Saturday night in regular season on NBC from February 1950 to June 1954. Their repertoire of comedy acts included the very memorable, hilarious, timeless and irreconcilable married couple Charlie and Doris Hickenlooper.

Thanks for the memories opos.

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'I like Ike' campaign buttons
Three rail O27 gauge train sets
Hurricane Hazel
Collecting Davy Crockett cards
The Blue Angels flying F9Fs
Drug store soda fountains
Crosley cars
UV lights in the classroom
Watching the blacksmith at work
coal cellars
overdrive transmissions
gas station pumps with the glass overhead reservoir
new bullet nose Studebakers
The Humble Bee being renamed the Esso Bee

I still have a Zebco reel.

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My first (yep...I'm one of those that had to keep trying till I got it right) Wife and I went to Chicago from Denver in December of 1956 on our honeymoon....who goes to Chicago in December? We rode the old Burlington Denver Zephyr streamliner with vista domes...coldest I've ever been was in Chicago..Saw Duke Ellington live at the Chez Paree night club...

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I was born in 1946 so I missed the WWII stuff. I remember the Korean war. I had older cousins there. One Marine cousin was awarded the Silver Star in Korea.

I remember Viet Nam. I joined the Navy at seventeen. I was there on a LCM-8 boat manning an M-2 50 BMG in 1965/1966, a Swift Boat advisor in 1970/1971, and back in 1972/1973.

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Not all but a good majority of them. Brought back a lot of good memories opos. Thanks for posting!

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Great list, Opos! I remember every one except Pearl Harbor ( I was just two years old). Also don't remember anything related to skiing or ice skating since I grew up in central Alabama.

Brought back lots of memories.

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The Good Humor ice cream truck in the neighborhood
The Helm's Bakery truck in the neighborhood (great pull-out donut trays)

Taking tubes from your TV and putting them in a tube-checker at your local grocery store too see which one was the bad one.

10 cent Thrifty ice cream cones

5 cents for a bottle of Pepsi, and you got twice as much as a 5 cent bottle of Coke.

Schwinn Stingray bikes

When I was in college (1973-ish) you could still get 2 McDonalds hamburgers, two fries, and two cokes, for less than a buck. And gas was 23 cents a gallon.

I found a Southern California Edison "Gas and Electric" bill from a house I bought in 1977. The total bill for the month was $7.51

We got Cable TV and could watch MTV in 1984! Before that you had to get the circular UHF antenna to get more than the 13 channels, and most of the UHF stuff was worthless.

Cars without catalytic converters, and headers were legal

Engine compartments that had 8 spark plug wires showing and a belt or two. No vacuum hoses, no air pumps, just a Holley quad pumper and a nice Edelbrock intake.

Rat Fink!

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