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Karma !!

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Looks like it's time for a Karma to get things rolling.

I've got a bottle of Gun Butter looking for a new home. Post up if you're interested and I'll have my wife pull a name out of the hat on the 17th.
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:D 2400, Alrighty! Let me be the first to step up!

Please toss my name in the hat, and thank you! :D
Hey 2400 don't forget me down here in the the swamp...
Please include my name! I'm trying to make some sort of joke about Gun Butter and living in San Francisco, but let it go. I appreciate the Karma!

Put me in please, Karma is good. Phil
Thanks 2400 for the Karma. It was nice of you to offer the first one. :)
quote:Originally posted by KP97DC

Thanks 2400 for the Karma. It was nice of you to offer the first one. :)
You're welcome, just thought I'd help get things rolling.
Don't forget me on the plains. Thanks
im interested, i had to go look it up to see what it was lol.

in the winter i like to test different lubes to see what works in the -20's why, i duno prolly because its gun related.
I would consider it a honor to be added to your karma list!

Thank You.

Please add me!! Love to try new things...
OH OH! Count me in good buddy! Way to get things rolling! Thanks for the offering.
Sure, Why Not and Thanks
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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