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quote:Originally posted by RNettles

quote:Originally posted by jaredshs

That looks neat. What all does it do?
Isn't that a fancey bottle opener?[8D]
How did you get my picture in here? Can you tell me how to do it for the future? Will get the karma out and set a date for the drawing.
It's a knife, ruler, can opener, nail file, bottle opener and I forget what else. It fits in a leather holder that's as thin as a credit card.
Drawing will be on December 20th and good luck!
Rnettles is the winner. Send me your address and I will mail it to you.
RNettles: Didn't get your address yet for the thingamajig.
RNettles: Try to send you a message thru the forum but it was undeliverable. All I said was that I'm wrapping your win today and sending it Tuesday morning. Congrats again. I think you will like it.
1 - 6 of 30 Posts
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