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Labor Day Weekend- Got plans?

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I plan on a trip to the range. Then after that, a trip to the range... Then after I'm done doing that, I don't know, but probably a trip to the range...
And if my plans don't pan out, I can always just go to the range...;)
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Had not a clue that AZ was that breathtakingly pretty-but lessen the delay on that feeder cam-or is it like an automatic urinal? You can't claim self-defense if you shoot em in the butt!![}:)]
Must have one fine ghillie suit to get that close-they oviously know you're there-tell us how you got it. In Texas, the common thing is to put up a stand-then a feeder-then a feeder cam to see what you're looking forward to this season-I've never hunted that way-just walked the woods and sat and waited-but I've got a buddy who's spent more on his deer lease than he has on his house-come to think of it he gets more deer than most, too. Just messin' with ya about that close shot---where I was raised up-if you don't get messed with-something's wrong!
And probably lots more sporting-"Bubba" always gets his-even if he has to run it down with a truck!!! (I can see the tar&feathers coming now!!!)
Yeah and my wife's always asking me "What the H do you mean?", too-I know what I'm trying to say-assume others do...probably a transmitter problem.;)
1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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