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Labor Day Weekend- Got plans?

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I plan on a trip to the range. Then after that, a trip to the range... Then after I'm done doing that, I don't know, but probably a trip to the range...
And if my plans don't pan out, I can always just go to the range...;)
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Got a Grandson that is wanting to go to one of the Indian Pow-wow's in the area. Don't know if we'll get to take him or not. Plan to work in some shooting though.
Son, took Grandson to Indian Pow-wow so I didn't have to. After they got back, Son, his wife, me, my wife, and grandson all went to a shooting range on the ranch, and had a good time shooting. Guess I'll be doing some reloading now. Nothing like quality time with your family on a shooting range. The coyotes even sang to us while we shot. Thought they would be scared of gunfire, but they weren't.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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