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Lazer sights..

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:D Anybody beside me use lazer sights[?] I been using mind since last Christmas and they helped a lot up to about 30'. I use them on a SP101/357 and they are Crimson Lazer sights. Put me back in the 10 ring more than before. The eyes are going to pot. Anybody else out there use them[?][^][?]
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+1 on Iowegan,
If i ever went to one of these it would be tha laser grip style so no holster problems.
One word of caution with any add-on to a rail. Make sure your weapon is 100% reliable with the attachment in place. Years back some officers got the m-2 lights for their glock 22's and suddenly those fantastic never jam glocks would choke every 3 o 4 rounds. Seems something was not quite right and affected performance--witnessed this myself. Glock susposedly cured it with a different something or other dealing with the guide rod/spring arrangment.
Also--don't get too dependant on that dot and be caught up concentrating on finding it instead of watching your target and his hands.----and hope the perp ain't wearing a red shirt!

never reloaded for the 40 but was always told not to use brass thats been thru a glock 40 due to the unsupported chamber. Picked up a few pieces of brass off the ground fired from a glock 22 and did see a "quarter-moon" discolored spot near the web that got my attention. Never really messed with glocks that much. Great concept but they just never "fit" me. (would still like to try out that slim grip 45 they came out with).

Dispite the reported kb's out there, they still seem to have a large and dedicated following and the lion's share of the LE market. Don't know the rate of kb's but it might not be that high when looked at by percentage. There are probably thirty glock 22's in service for every one beretta mdl 96 in service for example.

Has glock changed the chamber on the current models in 40? or is this still an unsupported chamber design?

I know that the game wardens had some reported trouble with their glocks when they 1st got them (years ago)with the mags blowing out the bottom of the guns but i think that was from a problem with some federal ammo.

Still the kb is an eye opener and i have heard countless warnings about using cast lead in glock 40's as a no-no. That alone automatically dis-qualifies it for my needs.
Do know of one officer that has shot numerous cast lead bullets thru his glock 21 with no problems. But the 40 is a different animal all-together in the pressure dept as is the .357 sig cartride when compared to the 45 acp.
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Thats also why i went with the p90:D---safety and reliability. plus the glock 21 felt like i was trying to aim a 2x4.
Yes we did get way out of subject, but informative none the less.:)
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