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Lazer sights..

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:D Anybody beside me use lazer sights[?] I been using mind since last Christmas and they helped a lot up to about 30'. I use them on a SP101/357 and they are Crimson Lazer sights. Put me back in the 10 ring more than before. The eyes are going to pot. Anybody else out there use them[?][^][?]
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My wife's SP101 .38 Spcl wears a pair of the Crimson Trace. I haven't put a set on my much bigger personal choice for house gun. I'm torn between that eternal choice of more guns and accessories for the one that I already have. Which one would I put a set on? Let's see, there's the P93, the Redhawk .44 mag, and the old Remington 870 12 Ga.--difficult choice!
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