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LC9 Service Life

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Does anyone have a photo of a Ruger lc9 slide rails after like 50k rounds? I'm curious to know how the lc9 holds up, what its service life is?
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I have an LC9 that recently had a catastropic failure of the firing pin assembly. Bought it used in 2014 from an owner who did not like the trigger so did not use it much. After it was bought, I moved on to more expensive pistols and it has been used very little by me. I decided to consider using it in the AIWB position due to it having a long, double action trigger. After one magazine, it stopped shooting - the firing pin was gone, lost in the range gravel. Ruger replaced the firing pin, firing pin retainer, firing pin spring, hammer catch, hammer catch spring, loaded chamber indicator and spring, magazine latch, & magazine latch spring. Search this forum for LC9 problems from 2010 to 2014. I found plenty references when I searched after the failure I had. My take: I appreciate Ruger fixing it but I will never use it for self defense.
I have fired my LC9 quite a bit. Nothing like 50,000 rounds, that seems ridiculous for a pistol like this. I've had no problems with mine.
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