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I try to shoot as often as I can, so I shop for "bargain" ammo. I don't buy the real cheap steel case stuff, but if Midwayusa or Able Ammo has a sale on something brass cased, I'll get a few boxes.
my last purchase was some Fiocchi 124gr. FMJTC ("A full metal jacket truncated cone bullet is a lot like the name implies. You’re going to get a bullet with a cone shaped nose with the end cut off so it’s got a flat tip at the end. ")
to me, these are odd shaped bullets. I can see how the designer was trying to get something that would feed, but I think it went to far.
I was shooting the LC9s with 9 round mags and on 2 occasions the gun fired, slide came back the empty case jumped out and the next round in the mag jumped out to.
I've had FTF and FTE, stovepipes, all the usual fails. never had ejection twofors before.
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