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LCP MAX Sight Problems - Shooting low and to the left

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Picked up an LCP Max recently as an upgrade to my LCP II. I’ve been shooting various pocket pistols for 17 years and can be pretty accurate with them. I like to engage targets all the way out to 25 yards. I have NEVER had a firearm shoot so far off POA like this one does, and I’ve carried 9 different firearms. This is my third LCP and Ruger has touted how great the sights are.

But when using proper 6 o’clock sight picture, it is about 6” low at 7 yards, and 3” left. What should be dead center chest shots turn into gut shots that miss the spinal column completely. When switching to combat picture (sight covering target), it’s better but not adequate by my book. Forget engaging targets at extended ranges. The windage is a non-issue, as the rear sight can be shifted right or left.

I have read multiple threads and discovered that this is a known and common problem with the Ruger Max. There are even videos of guys bench rest shooting this thing to prove it is not the shooter. It is the gun.

The crux of the problem is this - the front sight is too damn tall.

There are a few possible solutions I have read about so far that have been successful:
1) Lowering the FRONT sight - Replace with a low profile S&W bodyguard sight.
2) Raising the REAR sight - Glue colored plastic to the top to add height
3) Send back to Ruger and let them figure it out (do I need receipt for this?). Some have had improvement when Ruger sent new barrels and/or slides.

I will be trying #2 first, as I think it has the added benefit of increasing sight visibility. I do like the front site, it’s just not the right size for this gun.

What are others doing about this?
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Shooting left could be a gripping problem in how the tendons in your lower arm and wrist are steering it left. If it's shooting low all of a sudden...that could be indicative of recoil anticipation that is happening subconsciously or your shooting a lighter weight ammo. Try a heavier ammo in it.
Funny you say this. I actually started looking at those sigs.

I feel brand loyalty to Ruger. The LCP line finally provided me with pocket pistols that I could stay with. That’s part of the reason I’m so shocked at the LCP Max issues.
I had the same problem with my Ruger Max. Traded it for a Sig 365. End of problems.
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