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Letting the slide go on an empty chamber

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I've read on other forums that it is bad for the extractor to let the slide go on an empty chamber. Also, if you load one in the chamber without the mag in and let the slide go. I've read in my owners manual for my KP95 under how to load one in the chamber. It says to just load the chamber and release the slide lock. With no cautions. Is Ruger different then other guns that we don't need to worry about this. I'm guessing if you do break or wear out the extractor Ruger will replace it for free since you are doing it as they instruct you to. Has anyone had a problem with their extractor from doing this?
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I never worry about droping the slide when the mag is loaded but you should not do this on a empty chamber. I guess it's because there is nothing to cushion the slide when it slams shut on a empty chamber.
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