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Letting the slide go on an empty chamber

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I've read on other forums that it is bad for the extractor to let the slide go on an empty chamber. Also, if you load one in the chamber without the mag in and let the slide go. I've read in my owners manual for my KP95 under how to load one in the chamber. It says to just load the chamber and release the slide lock. With no cautions. Is Ruger different then other guns that we don't need to worry about this. I'm guessing if you do break or wear out the extractor Ruger will replace it for free since you are doing it as they instruct you to. Has anyone had a problem with their extractor from doing this?
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There may not be any "rule" against it, but I just don't like the idea of a slide slamming shut on an empty chamber because the recoil spring is designed to strip a cartridge off the magazine and load it into the chamber . . . thus when there's no cartridge to load the entire spring effort is directed to slamming the slide home. Just seems like a little abuse I can avoid by letting the slide down gently. Takes no effort or appreciable amount of time. Makes me feel better.


as said before the lcp (and other similar guns) does not have a last shot hold open so it just slams forward after fireing a cartritge. my thoughts is if the gun can withstand 1,000+ psi getting the slide slammed back and forth and fire again letting it slam home wont hurt it. as far as the slide release, wear on it is a red herring its more to the fact that if you slingshot the slide you dont have to worry about fumbling on a new gun if you out of habit slingshot it (pull it back). personally i use the slide release as a combat reload is slightly faster for me that way but a friend of mine is the oppisite. besides how much wear can it cause, more than a round being fired? when a weapon can go 10,000 rounds and i get out and shoot 2-300 a month another 300 rounds in wear wont make that much difference in the life of the gun.
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