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I discovered these guys when I went looking for .45 Colt +P. I bought a box of 20 and the quality was very impressive. Since today is payday, I went back for a box of something I'd been thinking about -- 250 gr Gold Dot 'deep curl' bonded core hollow point at 1215 fps for 800 ft lbs (7 1/2 inch barrel, but still nice), and at checkout I was blown away to find that shipping was only $7.99! Normally a box of ammo costs at least $16.50 to move UPS Ground, and some of the bigger online ammo places even add 'hazmat' fee charges or some kind of special handling crap.

Anyway, just thought I'd recommend these guys. I had just gotten an email about a 10% discount for pre-election ammo orders, so a thirty dollar box of 20 rounds cost me $34. Not bad. (And no, I don't work for them : )
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