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I purchased this stainless Ruger Mark III Target last year and have shot 550 rounds of Federal Bulk ammo through it without any issues whatsoever after all of my modifications. It is like new in gray Ruger Case with all factory accessories and it shoots like a dream. It will include two factory magazines. I customized it with the parts below but I will include all of the factory parts as well...

* Ruger Factory Black Weaver-Style Scope Base Adapter -- INSTALLED
* Sam Lam's Mark III Hammer Bushing -- INSTALLED
* Bruce Patza's Stainless Loaded Chamber Indicator Filler -- INSTALLED
* Volquartsen Stainless Steel Target Trigger with Overtravel Screw -- INSTALLED
* Volquartsen Target Sear -- INSTALLED
* Volquartsen Return Trigger Plunger Spring & Polished Plunger -- INSTALLED
* Volquartsen Extended Bolt Release (Silver) -- NOT INSTALLED
* Bruce Patza's More Versatile Blast Shield -- NOT INSTALLED

I will also include a like new in box with all accessories Bushnell TRS-25 red dot sight that is not currently mounted to the gun. It will include the Allen wrench to mount it to the already installed factory Ruger weaver base.


*** PRICES LOWERED: $500 dollars Face-to-Face sale near West Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois or $550 dollars shipped. I accept PayPal Gift Payment, Money Order, and Cash. Contact me at [email protected].
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