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A North Carolina ******* passed
away and left his entire estate in
trust for his beloved widow.
However, she can't touch it
until she turns 14.
Folks in Georgia now go to
some movies in groups of
18 or more. They were
told 17 and under are not
The minimum drinking age in
Tennessee has been raised to
32. It seems they want to keep
alcohol out of the high schools.
~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
In Mississippi , reruns of "Hee Haw"
are called documentaries.
How can you tell if a West Virginia
******* is married? There's dried
tobacco spit on both sides of his
pickup truck.
Tennessee has a new $3,000,000
State Lottery. The winner gets $3 a
year for a million years.
Recently, the Governor's Mansion
in Little Rock burned down. In fact,
it took out the whole trailer park.
The best thing to ever come out
of Arkansas is Interstate 40.
(And my very favorite.........)
An Alabama State Trooper stopped a
pickup truck. He asked the driver,
"Got any ID?" The driver said,
"Bout what?"

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I still watch them there documentaries now!!!:D
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